Origin Story

Tibeb Wear - Empowering through Fashion

Brukty with Tibeb Girls concept art

Selam! I'm Brukty Tigabu, dedicated to transforming lives through education. Our journey, spanning nearly two decades, has reached millions through award-winning TV and radio programs under Whiz Kids Workshop. Introducing our latest creation: Tibeb Girls, an African superhero girls' story empowering youth worldwide.


Tibeb Girls now inspire globally through our animation series and online courses. Recognizing the potential for impact, we're translating Tibeb Girls' essence into wearable inspiration through Tibeb Wear.

Tibeb Girls parent child education site

Crafting a unique learning experience celebrating African culture, Tibeb Wear unites those who aim to impact the world positively. It's more than clothing; it's a meaningful message that quality education is a right for adolescents.

Join the Tibeb Family: A Journey of Change and Resilience

Choosing Tibeb Wear means joining a global community. Fashion, for us, is a storyteller, weaving your narrative with empowering tales of Tibeb Girls. Celebrate culture and empower communities through our unique blend of African patterns and the inspiring stories of Tibeb Girls. Our designs are unique and bold, drawing inspiration from timeless traditions and diverse African creativity, from Mali mud cloth to Ethiopian Tibeb to Ghanaian Kente or Nigerian Adire. Tibeb sportswear and lifestyle clothing are designed with the best materials, carefully selected to make you feel confident in the gym and everyday life.

Style Meets Substance: Fashion with a Purpose

Our brand draws inspiration from the remarkable journey of Tibeb Girls, defying odds and breaking stereotypes. Each garment reflects the spirit of these young heroes. By wearing our clothing, you embrace courage, determination, and resilience.

Your Role in the Tibeb Family

This is an invitation to join a circle of impact expanding globally and ethically. Wear our designs and embody the values they represent. Be the change, the strength, and the empowerment that Tibeb Girls symbolize. Advocate for gender equality, education, and empowerment.

  • Belong: Wear our clothing proudly; belong to the Tibeb family. Let your fashion choices testify to the inspiring stories.
  • Share: Spread the stories and goodness of Tibeb Girls. Your voice sparks conversations that matter.
  • Act: Take Tibeb Girls courses with your child, nephew, or niece. Join us in fostering meaningful dialogues, tackling challenges together, and expanding your global perspective.

Let's continue this empowering journey together. Shop Now and Subscribe – because your choices matter, and your action, interwoven with Tibeb Girls, is a force for lasting change. 

Thank you for being part of the Tibeb family. 😍